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Flock 1.1.1 Release Notes and Known Issues

Ini dia browser terbaru yang tidak kalah saing dengan browser-browser yang lainnya. Cara kerjanya sanagat mirip sekali dengan Mozilla Firefox. Tapi ini memili kelebihan yaitu melalui ini browser kita bisa memposting suatu postingan ke blog kita. Tapi tentunya harus connect ke Internet dong. Pokonya mantaplah, aku saja sudah menggunakan blog ini untuk mengisi dan mengupdate my blog. Mantaplah…

Flock ini sudah memiliki versi terbaru katanya, tapi aku kurang tahu sih…Oh berikut feature-feature yang disediakan oleh Flock.

Sumber ini saya ambil dari Flock dot com

Flock 1.1 delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are in control and more connected to what’s important to them. By automatically managing updates and media from popular social services such as Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, YouTube, and Twitter, Flock makes sharing with friends and services drag-and-drop easy.

These Release Notes contain information about what’s new in this release as well as known issues that we’d like you to be aware of.

What’s New

New Features in 1.1

  • Flock 1.1 has integrated popular webmail services Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.
  • The Picasa photo service has been added.
  • In addition to more flexibility, MyWorld has been enhanced with new Friend Activity feature for a centralized place to stay in touch with all your friends activities.
  • Several performance and stability enhancements have been implemented and several memory leaks have been fixed.

New Flock Updates in 1.1.1

  • Incorporated Mozilla’s patch for Firefox,
  • Fixed an issue with login detection when using a non-english localization of Facebook.
  • Fixed an issue with component registration that could certain features of Flock like the RSS reader not to work.

Known Issues

General Issues

  • Upon automatic update from Flock 1.0 to Flock 1.1, several extensions will be reported as incompatible with the newest version of Flock. This is usually due to a configuration setting within the extension. Nevertheless, Flock will NOT disable the extensions and most will continue to work properly.
  • Several Firefox extensions are known to be incompatible with Flock’s toolbar causing icons to be misplaced or missing.
  • Several plugins such as Macromedia’s Shockwave are not installed in a place where Flock can find them.
  • Vista users with out admin privileges, i.e. Vista Limited Users, that install Flock will experience several issues:
    • Installation does not put the Flock icon in the start menu.
    • htm and html file types do not become associated with Flock.
    • Inability to set Flock as the default browser.
  • If Flock is uninstalled from a Vista machine, IE is not correctly set as the new default browser.

Import and Migration Issues

  • The January 2008 Vista upgrade can cause the import wizard to fail to launch during install. To import Preferences, Bookmars, History, Passwords and other data, please select “Import…” from the File menu.
  • Users that import bookmarks from FireFox may see extra seperators in the Favorites Manager.
  • Photos dragged to the uploader but not yet uploaded will not migrate when updating Flock.
  • The Yahoo! toolbar will not be imported from FireFox on the Mac Platform.

People Issues

  • Flock has been tested for users with up to two thousand friends. Beyond a thousand friends, unforeseen challenges may exist. Closing the People sidebar may return your surfing speed to normal. If you are incredibly popular with more than 2000 friends, we would love to hear about how the People sidebar is working for you. Please send your feedback to popularitycontest at
  • Facebook friends will occasionally not show up in the people sidebar. To fix this problem, open the Accounts and Services sidebar (click on the key symbol) and find your facebook account in the topmost field. Click on “Forget Account.” Then log back into facebook, and your friends should appear in the people sidebar.
  • Facebook friends’ avatars sometimes show a black icon.
  • Clearing your Twitter status causes an alert to show up indicating “An Error Updating Your Status”. Twitter does not allow an empty status message.
  • Logging out of Twitter from Twitter’s web site doesn’t log Flock out from Twitter. The only way to really log out of Twitter is to forget the Twitter account from the Accounts & Services sidebar.

Web Mail Issues

  • Yahoo! Mail may not work correctly with all accounts.
  • Yahoo! Mail Classic does not interpret unicode characters correctly. Users of Yahoo! Mail Classic will see “???????” in the webmail flyout.

Media, Mediabar and Uploader Issues

  • When creating a Picasa account using Flock, the initial Mediabar message indicates an error. This error will go away after clicking on Picasa’s terms & services and then reloading the Mediabar.
  • Uploading a small, rotated photo to Facebook can cause Flock to display an error.
  • If the Photo Uploader is interrupted during the upload process, a “There was an invalid response from server” error is displayed.
  • Drag’n Dropping a non supported file onto the Photo Uploader on Mac 10.5 causes and error dialog that cannot be dismissed to appear.
  • The Media Magic bar does not show up when mousing over a Picasa video.
  • Drag’n Dropping a Picasa picture from the Mediabar or My World to the “Post Link” button in the people sidebar when showing Facebook people causes a Facebook error: “You are using a browser that is not fully supported.”
  • Some valid Flickr accounts are not discoverable through the media search bar.
  • Picasa private photos are still viewable even after a user has logged out.
  • Results from a Picasa search in the Mediabar will show the wrong upload date (Dec 31, 1969) or no upload date.
  • Due to a Picasa limitation, photos larger than 20MB or 16,000 pixels cannot be uploaded.
  • While logged into Picasa, search based streams will not show owner’s private photos.
  • Scrolling too fast through Picasa photos in the media bar can cause the error: “There was an error in the servie to prevent your request.”
  • Uploading photos with two capital cyrillic characters to Picasa causes Flock to throw an error and stops the upload from proceeding.
  • When rearranging thumbnails in the Photo Uploader they can not be placed at the end of the stream.
  • Whene deleting all photos from an account My World will continue continue to show photos from that account.
  • Non english characters entered in the Photo Uploader are not displayed correctly in Picasa.
  • When uploading to any media service, immediately afterwards, the user account’s name will not be visible at the top of the Media Stream dropdown.
  • When uploading to Facebook, if no album is specified, the photo will be uploaded to a default album for the application, which will be created if necessary. Regular albums have a size limit of 60 photos. Default application albums have a size limit of 1000 photos.
  • When uploading photos to Piczo, photos uploaded to the “New Pictures” album will not appear in the media bar. They will, however, be visible from Piczo’s website.
  • Flock is unable to upload files with the “.jpeg” extension to Piczo.
  • We have seen occurances where Flock cannot upload to Piczo because subalbums cannot be retrieved.
  • Drag and dropping a photo from your desktop to the blog editor will not work if the photo is being uploaded to Piczo.
  • Accessing own private Photobucket photos when not logged in to Photobucket does not bring you to the Photobucket login page.
  • If for some reason the upload process fails, perhaps a network connection issue, tags and descriptions associated with the photos will be lost.
  • Some Truveo search terms cause Flock to return the error: “You appear to have lost your internet connection”.

Favoriting Issues

  • Flock will not auto discover your account when logging into Ma.gnolia using your Facebook account ID.
  • If your computer’s clock is too slow or fast, you may experience errors when publishing your favorites to or Ma.gnolia.
  • Drag’n Dropping a local favorites folder onto your Online favorites does not work correctly. A folder with no name is created that includes a blank favorite.
  • Drag’n Dropping online favorites to local favorites does not sync the online favorite locally.
  • After restoring default chrome settings the Favorites icon does not work until after the browser is restarted.

Blogging Issues

  • Depending on your blog service, Drag and drop video may not work as expected. Services that do work are Blogger and Xanga. WordPress will show a link. Services that don’t work include Typepad and Live Journal.
  • If you are a Xanga blogger, please log in from the the Accounts & Services sidebar. There is currently an issue when logging in from the blog editor, you won’t be able to publish your post.
  • Replacing a Blogsome blog entry does not work correctly.
  • Replacing a self-hosted WordPress blog entry does not work correctly.

Other Issues

  • When using Hotmail in plain text, dragging a picture from the media bar the email recipient will receive blank content.
  • Flock does not prompt the user with a “Remember Account” notification bar when logging in to a related Google service such as Picasa and Blogger using a account.
  • Drag’n Dropping nested folders in the Web Clipboard does not work correctly.
  • Selection of a single entry in the Web Clipboard does not getting high lighted correctly.
  • Cannot delete a clipping from the Web Clipboard if it is nested in a folder. The clipping must be moved out of the folder first.
  • Due to the mime type set by Picassa, when clicking on a shared Picasa URL a dialog box opens to save or open the photo.

6 Kiat Presentasi Efektif dengan PowerPoint

Maret 28, 2008 2 komentar

Jakarta – Presentasi dengan aplikasi PowerPoint sudah jadi bagian penting dalam kehidupan sebagian pebisnis atau mahasiswa.

Dikutip detikINET dari TechRepublic, Jumat (28/3/2008), berikut tips & trick presentasi efektif dengan PowerPoint agar audiens Anda tertarik menyimak sampai acara berakhir.

1. Pakai Kalimat Sederhana

Aplikasi PowerPoint bukanlah aplikasi pengolah kata layaknya Microsoft Word. Untuk itu, pakai kalimat yang jelas dan seperlunya saja. Jangan pula menjejalkan terlalu banyak informasi dalam satu slide PowerPoint karena audiens mungkin akan kebingungan.

2. Gambar Bermakna Ribuan Kata

Pakai gambar atau ilustrasi yang benar-benar menarik di PowerPoint untuk menjelaskan presentasi Anda sehingga audiens mau menyimak dan mudah memahaminya. Namun jangan sampai pula resolusi gambar Anda pecah sehingga tampak menganggu.

3. Kuasai Topik Presentasi Secara Detail

Seringkali presentasi PowerPoint didesain secara cukup kompleks dalam banyak slide. Jangan sampai Anda gagap menjelaskan detail sekecil apapun dalam presentasi. Persiapkan diri dengan baik untuk membuat presentasi PowerPoint yang berkesan dan diterima audiens.

4. Berceritalah Saat Presentasi

Jangan hanya membacakan poin presentasi Anda secara monoton. Berceritalah! Ilustrasikan konten di PowerPoint Anda, misalnya dengan pengalaman hidup sehari-hari sehingga audiens dapat mencerna maksudnya dengan baik.

5. Konten Dalam Presentasi Sangat Penting

Pastikan konten yang Anda masukkan dalam presentasi PowerPoint Anda memang berguna bagi audiens. Jangan pula terlalu banyak menggunakan animasi atau efek-efek khusus karena selain bisa membosankan, hal ini bahkan bisa mengakibatkan presentasi Anda dianggap tidak serius.

6. Hargai Audiens Anda

Buat desain PowerPoint yang terlihat jelas, baik gambar maupun tulisannya. Pastikan kontras warna benar-benar tepat sehingga tidak menyakiti mata mereka yang melihatnya. Pastikan pula seluruh audiens dapat melihat konten dengan baik, meskipun mereka berada di jajaran paling belakang.


Belajar PHP part 1

Februari 19, 2008 1 komentar

Wah… enak kali rupanya belajar PHP ya…
Soalnya untuk semester ini kami ada masuk yang namanya IBAD (?INTERNET ? BASED APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT?) atau dalam bahasa Indonesia disebut PABI (“Pengembangan Aplikasi Bebasis Internet”).
Hari ini merupakan perkenalan dengan sobat kita si php. Ternyata si php ini mantap juga dan baik terhadap penggunanya sehingga si user bisa berinteraksi dengan suatu halaman web page.

Oh… perlu diketahui ya….. bahwa belajar IBAD itu bukan berarti PHP, tetapi PHP itu merupakan tool yang dipakai dalam IBAD. Dengan ini kita akan bisa membangun suatu web yang dinamis yang bisa berinteraksi dengan user, tidak seperti web statis lagi. berarti ini merupakan kelanjutan dari pelajaran sebelumnya ya…. Dan setiap pelajaran itu pasti ada hubungannya ketingkat yang lebih tingi lagi.

Contohnya pada Sem1, belajar HTML pada IWD, sem2 belajar MWD dan IDB, Sem3 belajar OOP dan pada sem4 ini sekarang, semuanya itu digabung dalam IBAD. Keren ya…..

Oh ya… tools yang diperlukan dalam IBAD ini ada beberapa karena sifatnya adalah webserver yaitu:

1. PHP sebagai scripting.
2. Apache sebagai web server.
3. MySql sebagai database.
4. EditPlus untuk editornya, bisa juga pakai notepad.
5. Ms. Access hanya sebagai binding aja.
Bahwa php itu bisa dimasukkan dalam html dan html itu bisa dimasukan dalam php. Keduanya saling timbal balik.

Kode PHP diawali dengan tanda lebih kecil (). Ada tiga cara penulisan script PHP, yaitu:

sript PHP

Dari buku reference yang saya baca, cara pertama penulisan script php diatas sering digunakan karena lebih ringkas. Cara kedua digunakan untuk kombinasi dengan XML, sebuah bahasa dari pengembangan HTML. Cara terakhir digunakan untuk mengantipasi editor-editoryang tidak dapat menerima cara1 dan cara2 seperti Microsoft Frontpage.

Ok… next we continue about php.

Hallmark of a Great Developer

# ?Plans before coding
# ?Always knows why
# ?Writes situation-appropriate code
# ?Deviates where and when necessary
# ?Knows when not to change code
# ?Approaches debugging scientifically
# ?Walks through their code
# ?Knows the language and platform intimately
# ?Groks the tools [understand profoundly and intuitively]
# ?Improves the tools
# ?Knows when to ask for help
# ?Always has a side project going
# ?Doesn’t make assumptions
# ?Documents
# ?Follows coding standards
# ?Uses version control
# ?Makes lots of small check ins
# ?Tests their own code
# ?Has great judgment
# ?Has no ego
# ?Makes time for training

🙂 Point-point diatas menjelaskan kepada kita bagaimana seorang developer yang baik itu. Dengan menjalankan itu dan menerapkan itu bagi kita dari sekarang, mungkin itu nanti akan sangat berguna bagi kita nantinya pada saat kita berada pada dunia kerja sebenarnya. Kita pasti akan menunjukkan yang terbaik.

Ini merupakan kutipan slide yang diberikan oleh Ibu Inggriani Liem pada kami pada saat grand opening semester II tahun ajaran 2007/2008 di kampus kami PI Del.

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Bagaimana membuat tugas yang ?baik?, seperti ?bekerja? ?

?Tahap I : implementasi

?Pahami spesifikasi
?Klarifikasi spesifikasi, jika ada yang aneh, tidak mungkin, tidak efisien, harus dilaporkan
?Pikirkan langkah-langkah yang akan dilakukan, sebelum melakukan
?Implementasi dalam waktu terukur sesuai prosedur dan standar koding yang berlaku
[sebuah form VB yang sudah jelas, selesai dalam 2-3 jam]

??Tahap II : Membuat spesifikasi

?Pelajari ?konteks?
?Tulis functional specification yang jelas
?Tuliskan technical specification [dalam konteks tools yang dipakai]
?Buat spesifikasi sesuai standard, dan buat test case
?Review ulang sebelum diserahkan
?Lebih sedikit coding

??Tahap III :

?Harus bekerja dalam team, bukan hanya developer/technical team, melainkan dengan business process/user team
?Perlu komunikasi yang baik dengan non-technical person
?Harus memahami standard process dan prosedur, serta dokumentasi yang dipakai
?Lebih banyak berdiskusi dan berpikir daripada bekerja dengan komputer