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Me and WordPress

WordPress is one of the things that is very strange for me, but it used to. I do know about two years ago when I still do not know much about the Internet  and also in understanding the computer. This started from the desire of my heart to have a web site that can manage my own and free to do whatever I want inside. This also appears when viewing the many pages of this web site first scattered on the Internet. I thought, why not me one of the perpetrators and the Internet world is filled with what I think and write it in a container.

Nah, the desire to have their own web page which is now familiar with the term blog is very close in my heart. This is very curious to see some of my older brother has a class web page with their own name followed by the domain name that provides a place to do the blog is. They are free to do what they want in their blogs. Write what they think and the people who know about it and then read or leave a few comments in the page.

I try to find out how it will do so and they finally meet  with WordPress and the until now not far away. Almost no day without opening the page. Stay open, see any posts there and then sign up and fill the required needs and finally deh so. Blog beralamatkan in the also become one of the world of the Internet  and become a part of the community. Many things that I get from this blog via WordPress, I’d like to become more deeply the Internet. Opening the open-page blog that other people have, especially on the Internet that is WordPress , because once we logged in to comment on the blogs of others who have the WordPress easy. Type live comments without filling things more. The easy way to do smth, all that we appear to be images. We also recognize the many other people on the Internet. Getting the experients from other people’s blogs that they have.

Depart from there, the desire and knowledge that I draw attention from the WordPress source code is that it can download and use us wherever we want. Terhada make changes to its source code is not a problem. The most interesting is the use and selection of themes or the appearance of WordPress . Many WordPress themes are good and interesting. In addition to free for download, there is also a must buy. But for what we buy, we can make own themes.

The desire to create their own themes also emerged, although so far not finished well. All stopped in the middle of the road. Full-time occupation with ya. Brain especial WordPress also appear in my mine with the local computer to install it on the intranet and publish it. So that you can view only those who have and are connected to LAN. This is happening because of the limitations of the Internet and use our place is only at day. Hence there is every opportunity open Internet, the WordPress page and never forget even a matter that should be mandatory to open  it. So that any posts that have made publishing two times, once for the intranet and then to the Internet. He, he ….

Try themes, extension, and features provided by other WordPress . I know the version of WordPress from the start how ya? If one does not start from the version 2 and version that is now up to eight. Indeed, given the changes in every version is very different and very engaging.

Most importantly this is now, WordPress has introduce me to the outside world and the Internet. What WordPress is also best to keep the blogging world. Not only the use of individuals, the use of the company also, and in the world e-commerce is not foreign anymore. Use a WordPress not only to write any posts more like a make a note in the daily diary (diary), but also for the commercial use and popularity is very high. Until now the most important is that WordPress insight we have opened and everyone can become part of the Internet’s minds that they create.

The last  word that I would like to say, let’s blog on WordPress and show your action.

Note: This article I wrote for following the contest from, let’s join it. Click here for detail. And please forgive me if there are many mistake in my article.

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    mantap bro, lanjut ah

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