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10 Reasons Why Linux Ubuntu is Better than Windows

While you all must be surprised about my sudden disappearance from the blogging zone recently, the reason you did not see me around was because I got lost into the Linux world and you have no idea how hard it is to make out of this virtual world safe and sound. But very amazingly I managed to do so without much effort.

Linux Ubuntu is one of my new ultimate operating system choice and trust me it is not for the faint of heart. Though I have not left Windows XP completely (I usually have to switch to it to play games and do some work) but after much determination and struggle I have managed to adapt myself in the Linux environment and it is very cool and challenging.

For those of you who think that Linux is terrible and Windows rocks, here is my say on why Ubuntu is better than Windows.

No Viruses – Thats true! as Linux does not recognize Win32 Executables so the possibility of having a virus on-board is absolutely 0%

Open Source – Unlike Windows, Linux distributions are open source and the source code can be edited and modified to the most to suit your needs.

Better Learning – While Windows just teaches you how to install and run a program, Linux helps you do that using a Terminal. So if you fall in a situation where you don’t have a GUI, you can operate things well.

Free Software – Every application and software on Linux is free and open source. You don’t need to worry about licenses anymore and you can always find a better and free Linux alternative to a Windows application.

Easy to Use – This point may seem ironic but is true to a lot of extent. Linux Ubuntu is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use Linux distribution which even beats Windows XP and Vista in usability and ease of use.

Ubuntu Community Help – Ubuntu has a very active support and help community where you can get answer to your questions and problems in minutes.
Cool Desktop Effects – For those who think Aero in Windows Vista is damn cool! wait till you experience Compiz on Ubuntu which provides better 3D desktop effects with less resource usage.

Easy Upgrade – You can upgrade Linux Ubuntu through the package manager and all applications can be installed/updated through it. There is no need to Google for freewares as the package manager helps you find all of them.

Highly Customizable – If you like customizing your operating system without a billion registry and software hacks then Ubuntu is your ultimate choice.

Experience Live – Linux Ubuntu CDs come with a pre-installed OS environment which allows you to run the OS without even installing it. Carry your Ubuntu Live CD with you and use it on any PC anywhere around the world.

This may not be all but still these are some of the strong points that tell you how powerful Linux Ubuntu is. It definitely has some bugs and issues but as long as you don’t mingle with commands and updates too much, there shouldn’t be a problem using it.

Yeah…it is very nice if we use this operating system, especially in Ubuntu 7.10, we can use or activate it’s compiz that make our computer displaying is very nice and smooth, there are some animations and useer friendly. It is my experience.

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